Global Green

The Global Green concept is a Risk Management criterion developed at Ethika aimed at maintaining minimum continuous exposure within the market and obtaining constant liquidity ratios.

Our trading team utilises different trading models and market analysts and individually contribute their positions to Ethika’s portfolio, therefore ensuring that all clients receive the same transactions.

When the total portfolio, including all joint transactions, has a positive value that exceeds the targets set for the period, all open transactions are closed on a discretionary basis in order to avoid exposure to the market.

Once transactions are closed, the client portfolio is completely liquid and free from market risk.

Key features
  • Individual account on behalf of each client.
  • Absolute transparency of all balances and positions in each client’s account using a mobile application and/or software platform.
  • Portfolio diversification in different trading models always within the spot currency market.
  • Main negotiated currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD.
  • Monthly target return: 3%.
  • Global risk management criterion: Maximum Drawdown of 30%.
  • Highly liquid trading strategy
  • The client can close the account at anytime.
  • Minimum investment: EUR 1,000,000.
Additional features
  • Account with: Go Markets UK is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (FRN: 501057).
  • Ethika Global Consulting Limited (FRN: 626166) is an appointed representative of Kession Capital Limited (FRN: 582160), authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, the regulatory body of the United Kingdom, as well as by the CNMV.
  • Depositary Bank: Barclays Bank (London).
  • Clients may withdraw funds from their accounts at any moment through the Client Area.
  • Deposits and withdrawals may only be made from and to the account of the same account holder.
  • Back office services in Spanish and English.
  • Clients have absolute control over their accounts. Ethika only has the authority to engage in transactions on the market through the client’s account, and never to carry out capital movements nor to make transfers.
  • Success fee or fee for profits gained: 0%.
  • Management fees: 0%.
  • Maintenance fees: 0%.
  • Comission received as 'Introducing Broker' (IB) of 1.5 pips per transaction. The pip is the smallest unit of foreign exchange variation. Its value equals 0.0001 units if the exchange rate trades to 4 decimal places (eg EUR/USD 1.2760) or equals 0.01 units if the exchange rate trades to 2 decimal places (eg USD/JPY 99.88).
  • All fees are signed by the client, broker, and Ethika in the LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney).

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